Are Diet Sodas & Sugar Substitutes or Artificial Sweetners Like Stevia, Equal, Sweet’N Low, Splenda, Sugar Alcohols, & Yacon Syrup Safe?


Listen to Dr. Neal address this topic on Episode 70 of the podcast Optimal Health Daily.

When I was a health educator for a weight loss program, we would always tell our patients if they wanted to satisfy their sweet craving, diet soda and other foods with so-called alternative sweeteners were a good option. … Read the rest

Healthy and Easy Low Carb Breakfast Ideas

Listen to Dr. Neal’s episode on this topic on the podcast Optimal Health Daily.

  Lower-Carbohydrate Breakfast Ideas
Sunday ·  2 whole eggs or ¼ cup egg whites, scrambled and topped with tomato salsa

·  1 piece of whole grain toast or 1 whole wheat English Muffin (both halves) topped with 1 tablespoon butter


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