How to Help

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These podcasts would not be airing if it weren’t for generous listeners like you.

There are many ways to show your support. Here are some, in order of biggest impact:

  1. Are you able to contribute financially? That would be a huge help in paying for this website, the mailing list, and the server that hosts all the MP3s, which costs a few hundred dollars a month to maintain, not including attempting to pay the podcasters and get help from freelancers. You can contribute any amount you like here: Contribute to Keep the Podcasts Alive! You can also use my Amazon link if you’re planning to shop there–your price won’t be affected, but a small percentage will go to help this show if you use that link before making your purchase.
  2. Try Audible for audiobooks! If you give Audible a shot, they’ll contribute a little bit to this show, and you get a book for free, which you get to keep, even if you cancel the trial. Might I suggest the books that I narrated myself, Essential: Essays by The Minimalists, Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life by The Minimalists, and Everything That Remains by The Minimalists. Get one for free through my Audible link.
  3. Please consider being part of my mailing list, where you get free gifts from me, you’re entered to win a book every month, and you hear tips & inspirational quotes from me once a week: Join the O.L.D. Family for free!
  4. Will you show someone how to subscribe to the podcast? The easiest way is to open up the podcast app from their phone and show them, or you can also direct them here:
  5. Join the Optimal Living Daily Podcasts Facebook Group. It’s full of nice & quiet people and it’s the fastest way to reach me. 🙂
  6. Reviewing the podcasts in iTunes helps a lot, too! Click here from an Apple device to review here from an Apple device to review O.F.D., click here from an Apple device to review O.H.D., and click here from an Apple device to review O.S.D.
  7. Support our Sponsors! Our sponsors believe in us, and we believe in them. Using their products or services helps to keep our podcasts running, so please consider them when you’re in need. A Sponsor page is coming soon, but for now, listen to the podcasts (see below) and use the links we mention in the shows!
  8. Simply listen to our 4 podcasts every day! I promise it’ll make a positive difference in your life.

Thank you for your help. This podcast couldn’t survive without generous O.L.D. friends.