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Thank you for your encouraging words. We love each and every one of them!

“Optimal Living Finance is my fave podcast right now. I listen to it daily on my walks, and now have an action plan to start investing in a managed fund by Dec 2018. Thank you, it is life changing.”

Agnes Aldana

“I’ve been listening to OHD/OLD podcasts for a while. It has become part of my daily routine – every evening, right before I step outside to walk my dog, I reach for my phone, and the podcasts go on. Walking my dog while listening to OHD/OLD has become one of my favorite ways to unwind! (I might be one of your older listeners – I just turned 63 a couple of days ago – but I definitely still am actively trying to live my optimal life in optimal health!) Love the podcasts. I learn something new from almost every one of them”

Fran Finney

“Hi Justin. I just wanted to let you know that all of the OLD podcasts are on my list of things that I am thankful for this year. They have made a positive change in my life this year. I was getting ready for Thanksgiving thinking about things I am thankful for and I thought of you and your shows. Thank you very much for the time and energy you put int them. Thank you to Lee and all the other hosts. May your holidays be happy.”

Erin Robb

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