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If you are able to contribute financially and would like to do so, you can contribute any amount you like on our Patreon page to help keep the podcasts going! For only $2 a MONTH, you can get ad-free versions of Optimal Living Daily, and at $25/month, Justin will send you hand-written cards every month as long as you're a patron!

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You can also use our Amazon link if you’re planning to shop there–your price won’t be affected, but a small percentage will go to help this show if you use that link before making your purchase.

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If you give Audible audiobooks a shot, they'll contribute a little bit to this show, and you get a book for free, which you get to keep, even if you cancel the trial.

Might we suggest the books that Justin narrated himself: “Essential: Essays” by The Minimalists, “Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life” by The Minimalists, and “Everything That Remains” by The Minimalists.

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This podcast couldn’t survive without generous O.L.D. friends.

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