Our Story

We created Optimal Living Daily as a passion project–we had spent three years building mobile applications and wanted to create a business that would offer much more fulfillment. We were always discussing our interest for personal development and minimalism and wanted to create a side project in that space;

however, neither of us thought that we could offer original and unique content in those areas. Justin thought it would be an interesting idea to curate and read the best blog content that we could find with author permission, and so OLD was born, and the other four shows followed shortly thereafter.

Our OLD Family

The dream team behind the Optimal Living Daily podcasts

Justin Malik

Justin Malik is an entrepreneur and life-long learner. Even as a child, Justin showed signs of his love for business, selling origami to classmates and doing door-to-door sales in Elementary School. He earned his MBA at Pepperdine University in 2010, where he met Lee Rankinen, and both eventually launched a six-figure app business. He quit his full-time cubicle job to pursue it; however, feeling unfulfilled with apps, he & Lee launched Optimal Living Daily to spread motivational & inspirational messages, and also to force Justin to speak more, ultimately helping his social & performance anxiety. In his free time, outside of launching and improving businesses, Justin enjoys game nights and playing instruments.

Lee Rankinen

Lee Rankinen started his career focused on the sports industry, but quickly realized that he wanted to be an entrepreneur.  Shortly thereafter he attended Pepperdine University where he befriended his now business partner, Justin Malik, and earned his MBA.  Lee’s passions include personal development, health, finance, and building businesses.  He spends the majority of his time outside of work with his wife (Joc Marie of Optimal Relationships Daily) and son, and they love to travel and explore as frequently as possible as a family.

Dan Weinberg

From podcasts to videos and radio campaigns, Dan Weinberg makes his living through voice acting. He’s been the host of Optimal Finance Daily since February 2016 and Optimal Business Daily since January 2018. When he’s not behind the mic, he spends his time with his wife and two daughters, going to Pittsburgh Pirates games, planning their next trip to New York City, and visiting the beach.

Dr. Neal Malik

Dr. Neal Malik, DrPH, MPH, RDN, CHES, EP-C leads the Master of Science in Nutrition for Wellness program and teaches core courses at Bastyr University California. Over the past 8 years, Dr. Malik has taught at several colleges and universities including California State University, Fullerton, and Crafton Hills Community College. He is also a Certified Exercise Physiologist, has been featured on television and national radio for his nutrition expertise, and has authored and co-authored numerous articles on following a healthy lifestyle. When not teaching or podcasting on Optimal Health Daily, you’ll often find Dr. Malik playing the guitar, at the gym, or at an Angel’s baseball game.

Joc Marie Rankinen

Joc Marie is a mother, wife, realtor and narrator of Optimal Relationships Daily. She attended the University of Wisconsin where she earned a Journalism degree and graduated with honors. Jocelyn’s passions include art, photography, NBA basketball and traveling. You can find her most days of the week exploring the world with her two-year old son.