If you’re new here, welcome, and get ready to optimize your life! Optimal Living Daily is a podcast (like a pre-recorded radio show) where I read to you from the best content on the web with author permission… just like an audiobook! You can listen in your car, while you’re exercising or doing chores, or to help you sleep. Best of all, it’s free.

But that’s not all. We now have 5 podcasts in our little Optimal network:

  1. Optimal Living Daily – covering personal development, minimalism, and productivity
  2. Optimal Finance Daily – covering personal finance, but not too technical, and perfect for beginners
  3. Optimal Health Daily – covering health & wellness, including diet, nutrition, and stress management. BONUS: Dr. Neal answers your questions every Friday
  4. Optimal Business Daily – covering business, entrepreneurship, management, freelancing, and more
  5. Optimal Relationships Daily – covering friendship, dating, marriage, parenting, and everything in between

Podcasting is still very new to so many people, and it can be overwhelming, but it’s actually quite easy to listen.

Here’s how you can listen to the podcasts right now:

  • If you want to listen on a mobile device and you have an Apple device (iPhone, iPad, iPod):
    Just use this link to see all the podcasts while on your Apple device and it’ll automatically open the Podcast app for you and go straight to the shows. Click “Subscribe” to subscribe to the shows!
  • If you want to listen on a mobile device and you have an Android device (Samsung, etc.):
    You can get a podcast player app like “CastBox” or even Spotify for free from the Google Play Store and then search for “Optimal Living Daily,” “Optimal Finance Daily,” “Optimal Health Daily,” “Optimal Business Daily,” and “Optimal Relationships Daily” in that app. Make sure you Subscribe to the shows… and then start playing!
  • If you want to listen from a computer or from your mobile device’s internet browser:
    Listen straight from this site! Go to an episode by clicking here and click on the player to play an episode.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!