Inspired by Derek Sivers, and his nownownow project, this is a page that I keep updated with what’s happening in my life “right now.”

As of March 2017:

I’m in Orange County, CA, completely consumed by my most recent project: podcasting. I’m producing 4 shows now… it’s become a sort of addiction!


  • Still trying to get ahead of schedule and have more than a week of podcast episodes recorded so that if I need a few days off for whatever reason, the podcast can keep going for a little bit on its own.
  • Always looking for more authors to read on the shows. The content needs to be right (topic, length), but it also helps if the author already has a sizable audience since that can help promote the podcast.
  • I’m the new narrator for The Minimalists’ books! Essential: Essays by the Minimalists, Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life, and Everything That Remains: A Memoir are now available on Audible. If you like the OLD podcast, you’ll love these books.
  • Improving this site:
    • More content
    • More free stuff
    • Better design
    • Converting more podcast listeners into newsletter subscribers and/or patrons. What? You haven’t subscribed? Here you go:
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    • Figuring out how to get this podcast to break even every month
      • Looking for more ways to get exposure for the podcast