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Jen Smith of Modern Frugality shares how the aspiring minimalist can modify the KonMari method.

Episode 1137: How The Aspiring Minimalist Can Modify The KonMari Method by Jen Smith of Modern Frugality on Marie Kondo

Jen Smith is a twenty-something on budget with an uber-frugal husband. Travis and her got married on October 3rd, 2015 with almost $78,000 of debt between them. With lots of frugality and side hustles, they paid it off in 23 months and have been debt free since August 31st, 2017. Growing up no one taught Jen about personal finance. There was never any talk about retirement, investing, or life insurance. When she went to college she had no clue how to pay for it so she took out loans a credit card to get by. Jen's goal is to prove to all the haters that living frugally isn't boing or just for privileged people. She wants to encourage you and help you along your journey in paying off debt and ditching the clutter that holds you back.

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